Monday, November 24, 2008

Ahvia's Manicure

We have tried everything to get Ahvia to stop bitting her nails. Finally, I showed her a nail salon and all the pretty colors and bribed her with a manicure. It totally worked. So here is Ahiva getting her nails done. I'm still in shock at the fact that we walked in there and she zeroed in on one pink color and that was it. I takes me 10 min to decide and even then, I leave with regret.

Sick Shazzi..Yet Still Happy

Shazzi got a tummy bug and had to get some IV fluids. We were there for quite some time, which explains us playing with the camera. Nothing will make my boy sad...he is happy as can be! Even while throwing up, he stopped to smile at me.

Caden Lost His First Tooth