Friday, October 31, 2008

Updated pics of Shazi

Here are some updated pictures of on the link to see the pictures

Pics from Goo's b-day thur Halloween

Here is the link to the kids on the link to see the pictures

Ready for Trick or Treating

Party Time

Hanging out at Michelle's House for a Halloween party. Michelle just adopted her little babies Laila and Deve from Haiti. As you can see they are fitting in great and enjoying their first Halloween!

Happy Halloween!!

The After party..counting candy..sorting..and giving mama candy tax ;-)

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Rolling Over 1st on tape...or not

Shazi can roll front to back. Tummy time however, not his friend. So I set out to get his first tummy roll over on failed. Soon as I turned off the camera he did it.

Shazi Rolling Over Take II

Right after I turned off the camera on the first video, he rolled over. So I didn't get it on tape. So I tried to get it on tape again with this video....unsuccessfully thanks to some other people..

Giggle Baby

Here is Shazzi Bear all giggly

Shazi says I love you!!

Tooting Horses

Here are the kids in Ohio with their Cousin, Laila. Listen to Ahvia at the end, classic.